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  • Allie Crocker

María Del Carmen Asín: A Treasurer and a Treasure

The mission of the Latin American Alliance is important, and María Del Carmen Asín is here to talk about it.

At a time when there is a lot of division in the world, people can come together to fight important issues and support each other. The power of an alliance is incomparable. I had the opportunity to speak with Maria Del Carmen Asin, a member of the Latin American Alliance, about what this work means.

María Del Carmen Asín
María Del Carmen Asín

Maria del Carmen Asin, from Bolivia, is a member of the board of directors of the Latin American Alliance. Board members are from many countries, and it is important because they bring many experiences and perspectives.

A great example of this is a day when Latinamerican Alliance members went to Centerville Elementary School for their "Fiesta Day" and did many activities, one of which was teaching cultural dances to the children. She taught the students the "Bolivian Cueca" and the meaning goes far beyond a fun dance. It is very important to share culture through art (even dances like this) because it helps people from all over the world to connect through powerful emotions and feel empathy.

Fiesta Day at Centerville Middle School
Fiesta Day at Centerville Middle School

Maria Del Carmen Asin is treasurer of the Latin American Alliance board of directors. This could lead people to believe that all she does is handle the organization's money. But she does much more than this. Maria del Carmen is very passionate about the work she does for the organization. She says that: "the dream of the organization is one day the Latin American Alliance, as an organization, can have a property as a cultural center where we meet to do all the desired activities contributing to the community with Spanish classes, dance, art and much more." I asked her what some of the short-term and long-term goals of the organization are, we started talking about the main goals for the future and you can tell she was very excited and hopeful.

On the financial and promotional side of things, Maria Del Carmen Asin has been in a promotional video for an event called ExtraGive in 2019. She was helping collect donations for the organization and support the mission. No matter what she's doing, she makes it fun and productive!

The mission of Latin American Alliance: “to unite Latinos in educational, civic, and charitable activities to encourage all in the preservation, development, celebration, and promotion of the spirit, diversity, and richness of Latin American cultural heritage and in sharing it, in common cross-cultural experiences with non-Latinos”. Maria Del Carmen Asin is a living and perfect example of fulfilling this mission every day.

She is very passionate about her work for the organization. She smiled brightly throughout our discussion. We should all be focused on developing empathy and supporting communities that require greater educational understanding. The world's problems can be solved with collaboration. That is why the Latin American Alliance is so important. A big thank you to Maria Del Carmen Asin for taking the time to talk about such an amazing organization.

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