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Our Mission

Bringing together Latinos in educational, civic, and charitable activities to encourage all in the preservation, development, celebration, and promotion of the spirit, diversity, and richness of the Latin American cultural heritage and to share it in common cross-cultural experiences with non-Latinos.

Our Vision

Aiming to preserve and encourage development and celebration of the diversity and the commonality of the Latin American cultural heritage, traditions, and arts toward mutual understanding among all.

Our Values

  • Unity in Diversity

  • Excellence

  • Passion

  • Cultural Pride and Respect

  • Integrity and Trustworthiness



A day in February of 2013 witnessed a meeting of Hispanic leaders of Lancaster and various organizations which began the reality of a dream as well as a new direction for Hispanics in Lancaster County. Representatives of the former Puerto Rican committee (the majority group of Hispanics in Lancaster County), the Colombian association, the Ecuadorean association, and the Dominican Republic association agreed the need was palpable for a united and visible Hispanic presence in Lancaster county. Believing that there is strength in unity, all agreed that day to pool experience, ideas, and energies.

In the early stages, desire and vision drove the group. Experience revealed the difficulties of a parade, so having a festival was the choice for a beginning. Several sources (the Hispanic newspaper, Spanish radio station, and schools) noted a lack of recognition and celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15); therefore, it was decided that a Saturday in mid-September would be a great way to kick off the celebration in a big way.

We recruited a young woman as Miss Festival, the forerunner of the annual Miss Hispanic Scholarship Program. That following spring we initiated the annual Spanish Poetry/ Literature Contest. As we have grown and become known, spontaneous projects have occurred and future programs continue to be a part of our dream.


What motivates us? We Latin Americans appreciate the privilege to live, work and thrive in this country, but we are extremely proud of our roots and heritage (like all immigrants are). Our children acclimate very quickly to the culture here, thus we want to share our culture in all its dimensions with them so that they appreciate and understand their roots. This is at the heart of the Latin American Alliance.

Understanding that as humans, there is the tendency to misunderstand a different cultural group like Hispanics and stereotype them, LAA wants to share the excellence of our culture as well as its great diversity.

And above all, we want to share the different and varied cultural expressions and traditions of the people of Latin American with non-Hispanics for the purpose of mutual understanding, appreciation, and ultimately, unity.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

jaime zabala.png

Jaime E. Zabala

Board President from Ecuador

anne stachura.png

Anne Stachura

Board Member from The United States

miguel tirado.png

Miguel Tirado

Board Member from Puerto Rico

ramon estevez.png

Ramón Estévez

Board Member from Chile


Cultural Development Committee

Members of the Cultural Development Committee

  • Anne Stachura - Chair (USA)

  • Marielín Rottkamp - Secretary (Uruguay)

  • Jaime Zabala (Ecuador)

  • Diana Escalante (Dominican Republic)

Interested in getting involved in this work? Contact us! (

  • Katherine Guerrero (Peru)

  • Alma Jimenez (Puerto Rico)

  • Denise Zabala (USA)

Miss Hispanic Scholarship Program Committee

The Señorita Hispanidad committee is responsible for organizing and administering the Señorita Hispanidad Scholarship contest. This contest is a practical way to encourage and empower young latina women to pursue their career goals by means of a scholarship to further their education. In their position as Señorita Hispanidad, they are elevated to a position of leadership and serve as a role model. Both Señorita Hispanidad and the runner-up receive scholarships towards their education.​

Members of the Señorita Hispanidad Committee

  • Jennifer Góngora- Secretary (Colombia)

  • Srta. Hispanidad Nelian Cruz (México)

  • Nelly Toledo (Honduras)


Interested in getting involved in this work? Contact us! (

  • Ingrid Mora Smith (Ecuador)

  • Natividad Pérez (Dom. Republic)

  • Francisco Gomez de la Torre (Peru)

Latin American Festival Committee

Members of the Festival Planning Committee

  • Jaime Zabala - Chair (Ecuador)

  • Miguel Tirado (Puerto Rico)

  • Cirilo Ventura (Dom. Republic)

  • Francisco Guerrero (Dom. Republic)

  • Denise Zabala (USA)

Interested in getting involved in this work? Contact us! (

  • Anne Stachura - Secretary (USA)

  • David Barzola (Ecuador)

  • Luz Mary Parra Murillo (Perú)

  • Nikole Ortíz (Uruguay)

Financial Development Committee

The objective of the Financial Development Committee is to support Latin American Alliance’s existing programs by 1) developing and implementing a budget in coordination with the program committees, 2) identifying and securing funding sources to carry out the programs, and 3) managing a cultural center to house the programs and serve the needs of the community.

​Members of the Financial Development Committee

  • Miguel Tirado - Chair (Puerto Rico)

  • Ramón Estévez (Chile)

Interested in getting involved in this work? Contact us! (

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